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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Maybelline make up remover =)

girls especially need this thing i guess =)
long lasting make up is a trend nowadays 
so that the make up look new n not fading
make up waterproof features like mascara n eyeliner 
will 'stick' on ur face until u remove it!
4 the Muslim girl its really a prob when it comes to waterproof make up
paling penting waktu solat 5 waktu
kalau waterproof wudu' x sah
sebab air x membasahi kulit disebabkan make up menutupi kulit
jadi perlu hilangkan make up!

what maybelline says about their product :

It is efficient & Easy
The formula instantly removes all eye and lip makeup, even waterproof and non-transfer.

Formulated for sensitive eyes it is especially very gentle for the delicate skin around your eyes.

furthermore it is non-greasy
n x perlu gosok kuat2 untuk hilangkan =)
thats what we want, easy removing n smooth ^^

how to use it?

1. shake well b4 use it and then put a few drops on cotton pad/ tissue
2. press gently on the eyes on other part about 5-10 seconds
3. after that just rub smoothly 
n u will see the make up is removed from ur skin!

see see see
no more make up on the face ^^

consumer feedback :

Why I  it:
1. It's light and not greasy. 
2. It doesn't irritate my skin and did not break me out. 
3. No stinging effect. 
4. Doesn't have a weird smell. 
5. It effectively removes makeup! 
6. It made my life easier. 
7. It's budget friendly. 

I can't think of any cons. Hmmm... :/

so 4 girls yang sangat2 suka heavy make up or 
using waterproof make up
u can grab one of this XD~
murah ja
dalam 12++/13++
kekal cantik dan masih boleh menunaikan solat dengan sah

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