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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

chocolate masker???

eeeerrrrkkk~ chocolate buat masker? what de. makan lagi best. ho ho ho.
well, if u want pretty skin u will do anything rite. let me teach u how to make this kinda unique masker =). firstly what u need are:

"For beauty, chocolate can help increase beauty. The content contained in chocolate has many benefits for the skin, for example, serves to maintain softness, moisturize, tighten and refine skin. Chocolate also can slow the aging of the skin, including preventing wrinkles on the face." (healthytips.com)

# dark chocolate (high in cocoa content)
# full cream milk powder
# salt

 1) melt the chocolate
 2) mix all the ingredients in the chocolate and mix well
 3) put in the refrigerator until the masker is at room temperature
 4) apply on face 4 15-30 min

milk and salt can be replaced wuth sugar, butter or honey. enjoy ur time doing this masker. but dont eat it OK! =)

luv luv luv

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  1. Ni gambar awak ke nie... pakai mask coklat...!! huhuXD~~~