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Sunday, June 26, 2011

moment during fieldwork =)

date : 25th June 2011
day: Saturday
time : 8-11 am
venue: jejantas kat depan UTP
agenda : menyibukan diri =P

well, not really 'menyibukan diri'
what we do yesterday was
volume count, junction and speedtrap
it is a part of the fieldwork for transportation planning engineering  course
it is kinda interesting
but boring
have to count the number of vehicles; cars, heavy vehicle, vans, buses, motorcycle n bicycle 15min  every interval
but the funniest part is
when a big big Mr lorry
horn at us when it is near the pedestrian flyover
we were startled 
and then we laugh

 this is the laser gun!
and this cute little girl is Suhara =)
the speed of the vehicles are recorded 

counting the number of vehicles entering the junction

all of us are counting the vehicles =)

 this is our nicest GA =)

n here's picture of me and of course
not all looking at the camera
because i want a neutral look picture 
[sedar diri x cantik senanya.huhuhuhu]

 focus jugak saya buat counting yer =P

 gambar tengah betulkan tudung pun nak amik 

its so funny??

 counting the recorded motors and bicycle happily =P

 ni memang saja pandang camera =P

ok cukup. xnak dah pandang camera >_<

well, im still tired eventhough it's not really a tiring fieldwork
but im still tired!

credit to all the picture and montage by Azrulfirdaus Mohamad Roshdi

luv luv luv