just wanna have bright smile everyday ^^

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

dah macam orang kerja dah. ho ho

fuuuuuhh~ ("-_-)~
penat sangat sangat sangat
seharian duduk kat office block B
dah macam bekerja dah
kerja saya
calling, printing, faxing n photostate!
i have to entertain all the student who come to
meet the officer
ok. u know what.
2day only 1 or 2 only in the office
n that office is so busy
at a time
im alone doing my job
a lot of student keep calling2 me
to entertain them with their need
i kept repeating
'im sorry im just student. im just doing the faxing'
so many many many times
where on earth all this officer go

i dont even have time to breakfast n lunch
i made this 4 breakfast
but i didnt eat it

vege ommelette with cucumber, sausage, nugget
sauce : black pepper, mayonis n tomato sauce 

my priorities:
1) work
2) sleeping or enough rest
3) eat!

i just having my rest 4 1 hour 2day
i really love working
its fun!
(although a bit tired)
well thats all
thank you

luv luv luv


  1. omelette 2 nmpk mcm sdap jer.....XD~~~ Nk rse ckit leh...?? huhu

  2. bukan nampak sedap je. tp mmg sedap. ho ho ho =P