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Thursday, January 12, 2012

1st post for this year! horey horey =D

finally i wrote smthg here! its been a while since my last post. I'm not that busy just a little lazy. he he. little?? alright its a lot of laziness =P. As i'm working as promoter in cosmetics dept which i sell perfumes! i never like perfumes b4. i will sneeze when i smell perfume. but not anymore. I'm used to IT!. n the best part is I'm in love with the fragrance sooooo much. my store sell a lot of brand namely versace,givenchy,paris hilton,guess,rihanna,mont blanc,ferrari,bebe,moschino, beyonce n katy perry.  most of this perfumes came from Italy n France. its not easy to sell perfumes from my store. to compete with the other brands is very neck to neck. but i really love my job so much. but sometime it's really depressing when im not selling anything. not the commission that i badly want but the joy to sell =D. even though im just part timer but i feel responsible to achieve our target store. 

determination, passion just not enough . u know what. selling perfumes is the hardest thing. not everyone can effort to buy a single bottle of perfumes. one more thing to have is 'LUCK'. without luck what ever ways u convince the customer if its not ur luck u will not end  up opening the bill.

what ever job u r doing just have fun! 

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