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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

faizah herba ponni taj mahal =)

yeah! i love love love cooking! but i have a lot of food allergic. thats the worse part. huhuhu. and im getting thinner n thinner every year since my childhood ="( .

chubby chubby chubby

since childhood my mother has to force me to eat!. hahaha. im quite chubby before this. believe it or not..  high carbohydrate food is giving me problem. maybe thats one of the reason im getting thinner as my carbohydrate consumption is getting lesser and lesser. im a mix malay chinese who really cannot eat a lot of rice. hahaha. 

not having rice for 3 days is really really common. n sometime until 1 or 2 weeks. BUT i have to EAT RICE. my body needs it =(. my mama really loves me so she find a solution for me. oyeah!

its kinda expensive white rice. for 5kg it cost RM35.80. with this price you can buy 10kg normal rice. so i list down some benefit of it :

1. less carbohydrate which until 70%! (even so, you will eat a lot)
2. good for diabetic patient
3. the husk is steam with the rice that will ensure all the minerals and other nutrients in the outer coat are absorbed into the rice, giving taj mahal rice its unique flavour.
4. it is grown organically with no toxic
5. high in calcium
6. less fat with high protein 
7. help to loss weight. hehehehe

its expensive but u know what this 5kg rice can last for ONE SEM for me >____<.  plus it is healthier HEALTHIER =)

luv luv luv