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Monday, May 30, 2011

potbelly! foods u should avoid =)

having a potbelly? its very uncomfortable especially its visible when u were sitting. women especially will feel shy having this kind of 'accessory' at their tummy. from one of the article that i read yesterday, there are a few foods that u should avoid :

1) pop corn! 
why why n why. corn-based products are very good 4 ur health but.... pop corn. is a no no as it is coated with caramelized sugar and butter with a lot of salt. blended salt and fat will increase the cholesterol in ur body. the high salt level will cause water retention that cause flatulence(potbelly)

2) soy sauce 
1 table spoon of soy sauce contain 1000mg of salt! its a lot. so the effect just the same as eating pop corn

3) dried fruit  
its contain fairly high sugar content! its contain high calories due to dehydration process that remove the water content. so when the fruit is dry u will consume a lot of it

there are simple tips from me that you can practice to avoid this potbelly from haunting your emotion

1) drink a lot of water. mineral/ plain water of cause. as the factor of potbelly is due to water retention.
2) regular exercise. the best exercise that i highly recommended are swimming and jogging =) to bur the calories at ur tummy
3) reduce the amount of fat in take
4) take low calories food. there are some food that are low in fat but very high in calories. read the label provided
5) do sit up regularly or every morning
6) eat a lot of vegetables and fruits
7) no snack after 10pm please! avoid junk food, soda

well thats the only tips that i have. feel free to share anything. sharing is caring

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  1. dah la sedap. ngunyah time2 tgk movie.hahaha. well u can eat it as long as it is not everyday with large quantity =)

  2. Nsib baik bdan maintain tough lg...hahhaXD~~