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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

help u lost weight with watermelon =)

waaaaaaaahhh~ a heart shape watermelon. impressing! whether its love in shape, square, sphere, ellipse or what ever shape its is, its still Watermelon right  =)

this red watery fruit has a lot of benefit that 1 of it, is helping u to loss weight! this fruit has amazingly high water content, with low energy density and low calories even though u eat a lot. Amigos when it comes to low calories it simply mean u need less energy to burn the calories stored in it that will reduce the formation of fat. ho ho ho. its low energy density as its water content is very high which prevent you from dehydration and the best part is the desire to eat other dessert that high in calories reduced! 

water content in watermelon help you in natural diuretic process aka urination. people who consume a lot of watermelon will increase the urination and help you to slim you tummy!

watermelon also help in improving our immune system n more, it reduced the heart disease risk from the antioxidant element in it.

ur body needs a lot lot lot of water. i know not all of u like to drink mineral water or consume less than 8 glasses per day. try to eat watermelon so that ur body will not be dehydrated easily n make it as healthy dessert  for ur natural slimming process =)

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  1. All of the fruit u state are my favourite....=) huhuhu...

  2. its just watermelon. one only. hahahaha

  3. Consider all dat u state before dis....huhuhu Dat's why I still maintain untill tdoday....XD~~~ ehm...