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Sunday, December 19, 2010

purple, violet & indigo different ke???

this entry is a dedication  for my beloved friend Nor Nadia Aida Binti Mahadi..she was madly in love with 'this' purple..hahahaha. I met her during MAS which we were in the same Platoon C.n still a good friend till now =)... with another request from my friend Faris... so now i will fulfill their wish ^^

before that, sometime Nadia say purple... n sometime violet..i kept thinking.. i always thought that this 2 colour are the same... but.....not  at all!!!~... so i decided to google on my own n manage to spot the differences between them... so lets check it out!!!~

purple = 50 % Blue, 50% Red

violet = 33 % Blue, 33 % Red, 33 % White

indigo = indigo is just dark Blue 

the 3 basic colour is Red, Blue, & Green...

other colour is the mixture of this 3 basic colour =)

cuba teka ni warna apa? purple, violet or indigo??? ^^

Purple :

Purple has a special, almost sacred place in nature : lavender, orchid, lilac and violet flower are often delicate and considered precious.... in aromatherapy flower like lavender is  so sensual and relaxing.. purple is derived from the strong mixing of a strong warm and strong cool colour (red and blue ^^)... resulted in both warm and cool properties. A purple room can boost a child imagination or artistic creativity... nevertheless if too much purple (blue) could result in moodiness... other character that describe purple is charismatic, dynamic and love =)

Violet :

this colour is connected with spirit..... It is creative and inspirational (it is applied to Nadia =P).. Though it is a spiritual colour but it's also associated with royalty (it is connected to the royal Japanese flower... if you watch colour cloud palace u will now =)  )... Violet is so relaxing and encourages meditation... it is also show glamorous and luxurious... colour therapist prescribe it to encourage intuition and displays wealth... it is also the colour of visionaries and dreamers... =) 

Indigo :

if you want to know what is exactly indigo looks like.... observe the colour of the deep midnight sky... its indigo!!!~ =) ... Indigo symbolizes a mystical borderland of wisdom, self-mastery and spiritual realization.... as blue is the colour of communication, indigo which is a part of blue turns as the blue inward to increase personal thought, profound insights and quick understandings... if blue is fast... indigo is instantaneous... indigo gives inspiration... the mystical indigo can give a negative effect when using during a depressed condition as it will deepen you mood!!!~

(just to improve my writing skill...i know there must be a lot of mistake ... my English kinda worse...huhuhu... i admitted it ="(.. but i'm ready to learn ^______________^)


  1. Hahah. thanks for dedicating it to me, Cik Halimahton~ hehehe.. i love purple and its families (which includes violet and indigo, but more to violet) hehehe.. and thanks again. it's a lovely post. :)

  2. u r welcome ^______________^... nadia sila teka bunga yang no 2 which colour.... purple, violet or indigo ... haaaaaaa~ jawab cik nadia jawab =)