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Sunday, July 3, 2011

day nine : 10 ways to win my heart

ok rasa nak gelak guling
im not 'jiwang' untuk bercakap soal ini
may b i just say win my heart in term of getting me to know u =)
[friendship, love]
he he

1. x berlagak 
2. x conrtol2
3. fun and funny
4. romantic?
5. easygoing 
6. im comfortable with!
7. very2 patient 
8. shows a lot of determination to win my heart
9. never give up (my heart is as hard as stone =P) 
10. good education =)

to get my heart in friendship is just easy
but to get my heart in term of love
very very very hard
it takes Years!
u can make me like u
but not love!
not that easy amigos!

luv luv luv


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