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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

i really miss U, Piano ="(

YAMAHA piano that i always play =)

i really really really
miss playing that piano
hu hu hu
its been a week since the last time i meet u!
though i have my own keyboard
it's just not the same feeling when playing the piano
what ever force that ur finger hit the note
the sound will be just the same

for piano, if u r not hitting the note with enough force
u will be surprised that it will not produced any sound!
when u r beginner n  using ur pinky finger @ little finger @jari kelinking la senang citer kan =P

the first month learning it
1 finger = 1 note 
and it will getting tougher and tougher each lesson
1 finger = so many note
ur fingers are like jumping jumping n jumping on the piano notes
its very pleasant sound if u hit correctly with correct timing
if otherwise
the sound is not that nice
as it is piano
what ever sound it produced
it's just nice
[saja menyedapkan hati =P]

sometime u can even get sprained wrist
if ur hand is not at the right position
everything has it good and bad effect

i just love playing it!

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