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Saturday, July 2, 2011

me and my keyboard! can u guess? ^_____________^

this is my keyboard
Yamaha E 233 

i really2 work hard to get this keyboard
this keyboard worth more than my scholar 
so i have to save money to buy this keyboard
my sis says that she will give me max RM300 if i manage to get Dean's list
and the keyboard price is more than twice the money that my sis will give
so i have to work hard for the remaining balance
other things that i do is
is cutting down the shopping thingy
i didnt buy any shoes, beg, dress 4 many month
[tinggi betul determination jugak aku ni =P]
apa2 pun
i still get this keyboard with my own effort
n guess what
i get 15% discount
ho ho ho
and then price turns into 2 times the max money that my sis gave to me plus RM4
[info tambahah atas permintaan =P]
can u guess what is the actual price??
[just wanna test your mathematics =P ]

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